Sunday, 4 January 2015

The Brambles, 29 December 2014 - 4 January 2015

Hello and welcome to my first Brambles log of 2015. I've a new log book layout for January created with a mix of beautiful kits by DigiFiddle Designs. Read on to find out what has been going on this week in the garden!

Yesterday I was just going to start washing up the breakfast things before going out to feed the birds, but when I looked out the window I saw Mrs Blackbird sitting on the fence looking right at me. She had that look of, couldn't you just feed us first on her face. Now normally the birds do get fed before I do anything else in the morning but... Anyway I abandoned the washing up and headed out. She was then sat on the gate waiting for me to put the food down and made a start as soon as I walked away!

I've been putting a little extra out, away from where the "Real Mr Black" tends to hang out. He is very territorial now and some of the other blackbirds and the song thrush have to make the most of quick opportunities to nip in when he's off chasing one of the others away, and that really is a full time job now!

There appears to be romance in the air for the robins! Two are very friendly with each other, i.e. they aren't chasing each other away! There has been another one around and that is chased out of the garden every time. Also is it might be romance for the squirrels too. There were two in the front garden this morning about a foot apart, each digging up the lawn! Now usually that isn't the done thing. It's one or none! I am thinking that spring is not only early for the flowers but for the birds and wildlife too.

The tulips I fear are not going to make it. The pot is now so dug up that I don't think the bulbs have a chance, if there are any still left in there! I've not seen a squirrel yet reburying any, but there is still time. I've seen them with a lot of pine cones recently though.

There are still a few appearances from a starling or two, which is nice. I hope they decided to stay :)

And that is all the exciting goings on this week. I'll be back next week, with the next installment, until then, bye bye, Natasha.

The lovely kits by DigiFiddle Designs used to create this log book are: Mistletoe and Wine, Fragrant Memory, Dear Diary and Pot Pourri.

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