Sunday, 6 October 2013

Bird, wildlife and flower log, 30 September - 6 October 2013

Spotted two blackbirds this week, just the once. One I think is master black, his feathers are now all black, but he still has his dull beak. The other I think is the Real Mr Black, with some new feathers! All the blackbirds are keeping a low profile at the moment, but they are still around.

It's been a lovely sunny and warm day today. I have been out chopping back the herbs, lavender and a few other things before grabbing my camera to make the most of the sun before it disappeared to get a few shots. I was lucky to find a couple of bees buzzing around in the sedum. They were the same type and I think it is a common carder bee.

Common Carder Bee on Sedum © 2013 Natasha Forder
There have been two nuthatches in the garden this week. One is the usual and the other is quite large. Like last week there has been lots of chaffinches and greenfinches. Otherwise not really much else to report, except I am pleased with my photo!!!

Birds Wildlife and Insects Flowers
Blackbird - male, juvenile Grey squirrels Lobelia x speciosa fan salmon
Great spotted woodpecker - female Snail Ceratostigma plumbaginoides
Chaffinch, male, female Slug Coreopsis grandiflora rising
Greenfinch - male, female Crane fly Coreopsis sunray
Blue tit - adult Common carder bee Gaillardia sunburst yellow
Great tit - adult Lily beetle Sedum
Dunnock - adult
Robin - adult
Jay - adult
Magpie - adult
Crow - adult

Nuthatch - adult

Woodpigeon - adult, juvenile

Collared dove - adult

Coal tit - adult

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