Sunday, 29 September 2013

Bird, wildlife and flower log, 23-29 September 2013

Hello! Another week has gone by and summer is starting to turn to autumn. The leaves have started to change and it won't be long before I will be sweeping them all up.

I got this photo a little earlier today, usually the woodpigeon's fly off as soon as they hear the back door opening, unless they are young ones. So I don't know what was up with this one but it stayed put the whole time I was outside taking a few garden snaps! It looks quite grumpy as well as scruffy!!!

Scruffy Woodpigeon © 2013 Natasha Forder
This morning early there was a male chaffinch altercation on the lawn. They were "fighting" chest to chest, wings flapping. Finally one backed off and peace returned. Generally there have been a lot of chaffinch's around at the moment and quite a few greenfinches.

Blackbird viewings are now very scarce, just a glimpse of Master Black earlier in the week. The great spotted woodpeckers have grown up and their red caps have grown out. This week I have only seen females. Generally except the finches it has seemed a quiet week in the garden.

Birds Wildlife and Insects Flowers
Blackbird - juvenile Grey squirrels Lobelia x speciosa fan salmon
Great spotted woodpecker - female Snail Ceratostigma plumbaginoides
Chaffinch, male, female Slug Coreopsis grandiflora rising
Greenfinch - male, female Crane fly Coreopsis sunray
Blue tit - adult
Gaillardia sunburst yellow
Great tit - adult
Dunnock - adult
Robin - adult
Jay - adult
Magpie - adult

Crow - adult

Nuthatch - adult

Woodpigeon - adult, juvenile

Collared dove - adult

Coal tit - adult

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  1. Great photo Natasha - he does look fed up. We've little blackbird activity too.
    Mainly seeing lots of Sparrows, Collared Doves and Starlings.