Sunday, 21 July 2013

Bird, wildlife and flower log, 15-21 July 2013

I've spent most of this week in Cornwall, a great few days away and on Saturday my friend Helen's wedding in Padstow, Helen looked beautiful in her dress and the service, reception and people Steve and I met were lovely.

The usual birds were around the beginning of the week and Mr Blackbird was really pleased to see us home this evening and was in his food tray as soon as I'd taken a few steps away.  Luckily all the birds had a top up of food and water with a visit from my parents so they did have enough to keep them going!

I took this photograph of the nuthatch a couple of weeks ago, I was pleased with how it turned out as I wasn't that close, it was dark in the tree (even though it was a sunny day), and I had to crop it quite a lot.

'Nutty' Nuthatch © 2013 Natasha Forder
Birds Wildlife and Insects Flowers
Blackbird – male, female, juvenile Grey squirrels, lots of! African daisy
Great spotted woodpecker - male, female, juvenile Snail Geranium
Chaffinch - male, female Slug Campanula
Greenfinch - male, female, juvenile Pond skater Creeping buttercup
Blue tit - adult, juvenile Bees - various Daisy
Great tit - adult, juvenile Backswimmer Rose
Dunnock - adult Large white butterfly Water lily
Robin - adult, juvenile
Jay - adult
Magpie - adult
Rose Campion
Crow - adult
Collared dove - adult
Woodpigeon - adult, juvenile

Nuthatch - adult



  1. I do love visiting your blog Natasha to see your awesome photos.... and this is really awesome, beautiful bird; I think he was posing for you too - love it x

    1. I get very excited when I get a good photo!
      Birds and wildlife are very difficult.
      So as you can imagine I usually have lots that don't make it!
      I always hope that at least one turns out well.