Monday, 24 June 2013

Bird, wildlife and flower log, 17-23 June 2013

This week has been an interesting week in the garden starting with the owl...
In the middle of the night I was woken by a noise I hadn't heard before.  It was definitely an owl but not the tawny owl which I sometimes hear.  In the morning Steve and I were busy online investigating which owl it was and have come to the conclusion that is was a little owl.

I must have missed all the nesting blue tits leaving the nest but I've heard lots of little tweets from the trees.  On Sunday I finally saw some young blue tits and great tits.

The young blackbird is now feeding itself but Mr Blackbird is still busy collecting mealworms...  So either for another young one from this brood or maybe for a second brood, I'm not sure.

This week I've also seen goldfinches, they do visit but not very often and can usually be found on the niger seeds or sunflower seeds when they do.  I've seen them once this week but over the last couple of weeks the niger seeds that haven't been touched for a while have nearly all gone.  So I suspect they have been around quite a lot, I've just not been around to see them.  Like the collard doves they usually visit in pairs.

Young Woodpigeon © 2013 Natasha Forder

Birds Wildlife and Insects Flowers
Blackbird – male, female, juvenile Grey squirrels, lots of! Lupin
Great spotted woodpecker - male, female Various bees African daisy
Chaffinch - male, female Snail Geranium
Greenfinch - male, female Slug Campanula
Blue tit - adult, juvenile Pond skater Helianthemum
Great tit - adult, juvenile Aquilegia
Dunnock - adult Rhododendron/Azalea
Robin - adult Pontentilla
Jay - adult Weigela
Magpie - adult Foxglove
Crow - adult Buttercup
Collared dove - adult Daisy
Woodpigeon - adult, juvenile Green Hellebore
House martin - adult
(just the one this week)
Goldfinch - adult Water lily
Little owl - the sound of!


  1. Love your photo Natasha, not seen any of them yet. Did have 3 juvenile blackbirds the other day, think mum and dad were using us as a creche while they went off somewhere to relax.
    You are so lucky getting owls.. Gill x

  2. I think our garden gets used as a creche too! Especially last year for family Jay! We only seem to have one young blackbird around at the moment, so it's great to hear you have three!
    The owls are great until they wake me up in the middle of the night!