Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Brambles Bird and Wildlife Awards 2014

Hello, and welcome to The Brambles Birds and Wildlife Awards 2014!

This year there are the following award categories:

  • Sports Personality of the Year
  • Miss "Brambles"
  • Parents of the Year
  • Best Album
  • Best Actor

It's been a great year in the garden and all the visitors provide endless entertainment in all sorts of ways. So this year I decided to have an awards ceremony to celebrate some of their best moments!

Let us begin :)

The winner of "Sports Personality of the Year" goes to "The Real Mr Black", for his outstanding performance in goal. He defends his bird food like no other bird in the garden. He is always there making sure that no other blackbird or song thrush gets a look in. He chases off any competitor instantly. An amazing performance that is ongoing from dawn until dusk!

"The Real Mr Black" by Steve Ward
Miss "Brambles" goes to none other than the sleek and beautiful Nutty the Hatch. This beautiful bird with it's stunning streak of black is also an amazing gymnast, hanging upside down from any feeder and bending its body at right angles. This bird really catches the eye when it visits the garden.

"Nutty the Hatch" by Natasha Forder
Parents of the Year goes to the Blue Tit parents that lived in the eves of my neighbour's. The little birds accessed their nest via a small gap between two soffits. However, whilst one of the pair darted in and out, no trouble at all, the other had real problems. Sometimes it took the little bird several minutes to get in (or about half an hour in one case), but it never gave up and the baby birds always got their grubs. How about that for determination!

Blue Tit by Steve Ward

The winner of "Best Album" goes to Robby Redbreast, with his album Dawn till Dusk. It doesn't matter what time of the day it is Robby sings away in his instantly recognisable voice. He has a full daily repertoire that is a pleasure to listen to! Unfortunately Robby is a little camera shy and there are currently no photos of him.

The "Best Actor" award goes to Sid Squirrel for his role in "The Stolen Nut". The look of innocence whilst being caught red pawed is just amazing. His whole facial expression and body language, "wasn't me, really... it wasn't... What nut?" is so funny to watch. Let's remember a couple of iconic moments from the film!

Sid in The Stolen Nut (film strip from Algera Designs kit Projection)
Sid in The Stolen Nut (film strip from Algera Designs kit Projection)
That is it from this years awards. Thank you for joining me and I hope you've enjoyed this post with a little twist!

Who are the winners in your garden? Why not stop by the comments and share :)


  1. This was fun.. Fantastic photos as always - love the details of the real Mr Black feathers. And Sid looks so guilty in the first photo. I hope the Blue Tits make their nest in an easier accessible place next year. Great post to read.

  2. Thank you :) I just couldn't resist doing this post. The garden is one of my favourite entertainments and beats TV any day! Although I do love it when it's time for Spring/Autumn and Winter Watches.