Sunday, 28 December 2014

The Brambles, 22 - 28 December 2014

Hi, as you can see this weeks log post has a definite Christmas feel to it! I couldn't resist with the Christmas hat!

It's been a very average week in the garden and as I've noted above the squirrel is still messing with my tulip bulbs! I'm sure they are really tasty and that the recently turned soil is also great for burying pine cones in, but... Oh well. I guess I'd not have it any other way!

I've noticed that there have been lots more male peckers around recently. It used to be mainly females but there is often two or three males around at the same time. Sometimes they are quite funny. One will be on the nut hanger and the other will hide the far side of the trunk of the pieris and keep poking its head around to see it the other is still there. I just can't believe that the other pecker hasn't really seen it. They do get territorial and chase each other off. I still think the garden is the territory of a female though.

Also this week there has often been two nuthatches in at the same time and they also like to chase each other! And it's the usual situation with the blackbirds and song thrush!!!

As it's been an average week there isn't really much else to report, so it's time to say that this is all for this year. Have a great New Year and I will be back in 2015 with my next post, Natasha :)


  1. Fabulous list of birds Natasha. I'm really envious of your Nuthatches and Woodpeckers. We've mainly got just loads of Blackbirds and Collared Doves at present. Fingers crossed that your bulbs may still be ok.

  2. Well you never know with the bulbs! It's been really cold out there and the water containers are just totally iced up. The squirrel was ice skating on one the other day, before I managed to get out there and sort it out! We have visitor blackbirds too at the moment so the garden is quite full of them too at the moment!