Sunday, 21 December 2014

The Brambles, 15 - 21 December 2014

Hi, it's Sunday again, although being Christmas holidays now for me I actually almost forgot it was Sunday. So I hope I don't forget over the next couple of weeks too, please excuse any late posts!

The starlings stopped by for a quick visit yesterday, so it's great to see that they are still around :)

The song thrush is still around too and has been working on its technique for being able to get a meal. It goes something like this. Mr Black does not like any other blackbirds or song thrush's. So the song thrush sits in the tree and waits until Mr Black is chasing away another blackbird and then nips in. However, it hasn't got its timing quite right, as before it's had a chance to eat anything Mr Black is back and chasing it away! The thrush is persistent though and has been able to get some grub!

And that is all for today.

If you've got any news to share from your garden or local area, please feel free to add a comment :)
See you next week, bye for now, Natasha

I used the following lovely kits by Createwings Designs to create the log book: Feathered Friends, Feathered Friends 2, Feathered Friends Add On, Winter Friends, Sing Your Song and This Moment Creation 23.

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