Sunday, 7 December 2014

The Brambles, 1 - 7 December 2014

Hi, So today I have some exciting news; well it is to me :) Also you'll see I've changed my log book design this month. The lovely kits used are by Createwings Designs.

Today I walked into the kitchen and looked out on the back garden and thought, what are all those birds. It took me a few seconds to realise that they were starlings! And lots of them too. Somewhere between 15-20; I lost count. The only starling up to this point that I've seen in the garden was a baby one a couple of years ago. They seemed to be having a great time tucking into the food. The blackbird whose "turf" it is wasn't quite so keen. He seemed much happier after they had left! Anyway I am quite excited about this visit. Maybe they'll visit again, or maybe they were just passing through, I hope they will visit again.

So along with the "starling invasion" and the other blackbirds, Mr Black is having issues with a thrush. Second thing to be excited about this weekend. Thrush's do visit, but not all the time and even better this one was on the "patio" a lot outside the kitchen door. Some great views, no photos though.

A quick visit from the long tailed tits in the week was also great. They've not been spotted for a while, but I suspect they have been around. They stop by so quickly that they are easy to miss.

Lot's of all the usual visitors too :)

Oh and yes, I nearly forgot. The tulip bulbs I planted, I found half of them spread around the garden. The squirrel had taken it upon itself to dig them up, but at least they weren't nibbled!

The Createwings Designs kits used to create the log book: Feathered Friends, Feathered Friends 2, Feathered Friends Add On, Winter Friends, Sing Your Song and This Moment Creation 23.

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