Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Brambles, 24 - 30 November 2014

Hi :) As November draws to a close the weather has not so far been very cold here and the azalea is now in full bud, no longer just an odd flower!

The "mob" are still coming in strong every day, and they are still eating everything! A fat block is now lasting just one day! So I bought a few of those fat blocks in coconut halves to try, in the hope that the magpies will find it more difficult to get comfy on it, and so prevent them from eating too much in one go! So far, so good. It's been up for nearly two days and there is still lots left. The great spotted pecker, blue tits and great tits have all been tucking in too :) I don't have anything against magpies, except that they eat too much!

I snapped the azalea flower earlier today on my iPhone and processed in Snapseed (30% HDR and a frame). I still can't believe how many buds are on it. Ever since moving in a few years ago it hasn't done much at all, and now, totally out of season it is just about to give the best display ever!

I finally got around to planting some tulip bulbs that I bought a while back. Half are now done; hopefully not too late and I'm hoping to get the rest in very soon!

The oak trees are still dropping leaves, even though they look bare already. It's quite a job raking and sweeping them up!

The lovely kits are by Dawn Inskip. I've mainly used Light and Shade Flower Garden, Owl Love and Nature Walk Sunset.

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