Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Brambles, 6-12 October 2014

Hello :) I can't believe it is Sunday already! And time for my latest post from "The Brambles". Everything is all very similar to last week, but we were treated to the sound of an owl screeching last night!

I think The Brambles is the Sunday morning breakfast location for the Greenfinches. They were in again today. Lots of them, on all the feeders and waiting in the trees and bushes for a spare 'table'!

No part of the garden, I am sure, has been left without something buried in it! The whole of the front 'lawn' must be full of nuts, just under the surface! Those busy squirrels just don't stop!!! I look out onto the front garden whilst I am scrapping/blogging/crafting and it seems like I am constantly watching one squirrel or another hiding nuts of various kinds.

Please don't be too shocked but today I have a photo :)

Viola, taken with Hipstamatic app on my phone
If you've been across to my The forget-me-not blog you will know that I am having a play with camera apps at the moment. Check out my latest post: ScrapWithApps. Here is a photo I took today in the garden using my phone camera with an app.

My garden log used kits by Dawn Inskip, including Roots, Autumn Collection and Enchanted Autumn.

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