Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Brambles, 13-19 October 2014

Hello there :) It's time to report on this weeks garden goings on! And as ever it has been busy, busy, busy!

Whilst preparing dinner today it was all go. Four blackbirds all wanting a bath. Next there was a blue tit bathing with a Mrs chaffinch watching. The blue tit was barely out before the chaffinch was in. Next thing the blue tit is back in and they are bathing together, now that is not quite a first, but a first for two different species. There has been multiple blue tit bathing before now. And it wasn't the biggest of water containers that they were in either, so there was a bit of collision going on! It didn't end there for the bathing either. The blackbirds were back a few more times later!!!

Whilst out doing a little cutting back in the garden we came across a couple of blackbirds hiding out in one of the conifers. They didn't fly off either. Just stayed where they were :)

Something has been playing with the rubber ducks from the pond again this week. This morning two of the three were on the lawn! I can only assume it is the fox. I need a night time camera, so I can see what is going on!

I'm sure that earlier I saw a green woodpecker fly past. I thought I saw one a couple of weeks back too. During the first few months of owning The Brambles there was a resident female woodpecker. It used to spend hours on the lawn eating ants, and we do have a lot of ants! Since then we've not really seen any. Briefly saw a male one, then nothing. Speaking to my neighbours they had more recently seen some. I assume they are still around, just not so brave as to dine on the lawn! Up the wooded bit at the back, where I can't see much of the ground there are even more ants. So hopefully they still visit up there instead.

I used a mixture of Dawn Inskip digital kits to create my log book and I'm loving using them :)

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