Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Brambles, 22-28 September 2014

Hello, another week has flown by and it's time for my weekly post!

This week I've created a scrapbook layout showing and listing all the "usual suspects" that visit the garden. I used a number of lovely kits by Dawn Inskip and details can be found on my Flickr by clicking the image below.

The "Usual Suspects" at The Brambles!

I had great fun putting this page together and it really does make me realise how lucky I am to have so many visitors to the garden. I know that they come for the bird food... but still!

There have been a few male and female blackbirds around this week, all in various "states of repair"! Some really are looking a little worse for wear still. There was a male great spotted pecker today, so a change from the usual females and young ones.

The goldfinches are back and tucking into the niger seeds, and about time too. More recently they haven't touched those, preferring the sunflower seeds instead.

The squirrels are still busy burying and I am sure that the one I saw today had a tulip bulb in its mouth! I've actually bought some more bulbs this weekend to replace the ones they've been having a nibble on!!! This years display of them was very poor due to all the eaten bulbs.

Whilst doing a bit of tidying in the garden today Steve found the pond light that had gone missing not long after I saw the fox in the garden. So not stolen, just hidden!

The garden still needs a bit of a tidy up before the winter but it's almost there. Hopefully there will be a few nice weekends left before the dreary days of November start and we can get finished.