Sunday, 4 August 2013

Bird, wildlife and flower log, 29 July - 4 August 2013

This week I planted all the flowering plants I'd bought last weekend and hopefully they will continue to flower through the summer, which will be good for the bees and insects.

I love it when the lavender flowers appear and of course I love the smell too!  I have several types and I can't remember which one this is, maybe Munstead or Hidcote.  I didn't label and I know that I always regret it when I don't!

Lavender © 2013 Natasha Forder
It's still busy with blackbirds, with several young all around the food tray or under the mahonia bush at the same time.

This year I seem to have missed the young woodpeckers being fed in the garden by their parents, but I've seen lots of activity from the young ones on the fat blocks.  This week I also saw a woodpecker at one of the ground level drinkers, which is unusual.  I only ever see this when it is really hot, or really cold.  So I guess the usual drinking source was not available.

There are at least three young robins around.  They are all at different stages.  One still looks very "baby", another the chest feathers are changing to red and one in between.  And they certainly have the robin attitude!

Birds Wildlife and Insects Flowers
Blackbird – male, female, juvenile Grey squirrels African daisy
Great spotted woodpecker - male, female, juvenile Snail Geranium
Chaffinch - male, female Slug Rose
Greenfinch - male, female Backswimmer Lavender
Blue tit - adult, juvenile Bees - various Daisy
Great tit - adult, juvenile Large white butterfly Lily
Dunnock - adult Peacock butterfly Hostas
Robin - adult, juvenile Brimstone butterfly Honeysuckle
Jay - adult, juvenile
Birdsfoot trefoil
Magpie - adult
Crow - adult
Cats Ear
Collared dove - adult
Woodpigeon - adult, juvenile
Nuthatch - adult
Goldfinch Montbretia


Gaura cherry brandy

Gaura lindheimeri belleza

Penstemon pensham czar

Lobelia x speciosa fan salmon

Ceratostigma plumbaginoides

Coreopsis grandiflora rising

Coreopsis sunray

Gaillardia sunburst yellow

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  1. I love lavender too, that looks a lovely deep shade. Great detail in your photo.
    Not had much Robin activity ourselves for the last week, not even any young. LOL at the Robin attitude - ours definitely don't get on with the Dunnocks x